041 Simcyp Focused Workshop: Transporters - February 7-11, 2022

15 modules

Kelly Turton

03 Nov 2021



The ABC of modelling drug transporter data: Mechanistic approaches to predict the impact of drug transport proteins on ADME, Pharmacokinetics, and Toxicity

Overview: This course provides a dynamic mixture of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises providing a wide-array of theory and practical know how. Live demonstrations of the simulation platforms essential for consideration in developing PBPK models with transporters are given, which will facilitate the attendees learning, driven through hands-on sessions to be attempted remotely. The hands-on sessions will be re-visited the following day with the tutors providing guidance, troubleshooting tips and facilitating interactive Q&A on the exercises.

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Part I: ABC of Modelling Transporter Data - Principles and Practical Know How

Part I gives a step-by-step guide to modelling in vitro transporter data enabling participants to better understand the common terms in this area. Transporter related experiments will be finding their way through the complex datasets obtained from various in vitro techniques to estimate key parameters for passive permeability and active transport for utilising in PBPK modelling.

Part II: In vitro – in vivo extrapolation for Transporters

This session builds upon the Part I information and deals with the complexity of the models related to transporters in gut, liver, kidney, lung, and brain using in vitro – in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE). The different scaling approaches and scalars for each organ are discussed in detail as well as scaling using absolute and/or relative approaches. This will be followed by hands-on exercises for each approach.

Part III: Combining In Vitro Knowledge with Clinical Observations
This session builds upon information described in Parts I and II. Practical applications of assessing transporter‐mediated drug‐drug interactions (tDDIs) are provided including evaluating in vitro models using mechanistic modelling to estimate inhibitory constants for perpetrators. Descriptions of tDDI for liver, intestine, and kidney are also discussed in detail. The practical application of transporter‐mediated IVIVE‐PBPK is employed, via hands‐on exercises, to facilitate the understanding of observations relating to oral bioavailability, hepatic clearance, DDIs (induction and competitive inhibition), and drug distribution in a variety of organs. The impact of population variability, the approaches to handling genetic variations and the effects of disease on transporter
expression are also discussed. Within the workshop we will, however, not only show the current capabilities, but also identify gaps and future opportunities that are currently still require assumptions, when prediction tDDIs.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion - Transporters

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Transporters Agenda, February 7-11, 2022
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Pre Workshop Reading List, A selection of publications related to the Simcyp Simulator and model-informed drug development.
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Simcyp Simulator Download instructions (Amazon Workspaces download)
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A beginners Introduction to the Simcyp Simulator
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Transporter Slide Decks and Files for Loading
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Hands-on Materials
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Transporter Presentation Recordings
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Transporters - Optional Session - Overview of the Transporter Models within the Simcyp Simulator


Transporters: Session 1​&​2 WebEx (UK Time Zone)


Transporters: Session 3​&​4 WebEx (UK Time Zone)


Transporters: Session 5​&​6 WebEx (UK Time Zone)


Transporters: Session 7​&​8 WebEx (UK Time Zone)


Transporters: Session 9 WebEx (UK Time Zone)

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